Hitting Leagues

presented by Hit Trax

Using HitTrax Simulation systems, advanced state of the art technology accurately captures and measures  the speed and trajectory of the ball while calculating the realistic outcome. Systems include high speed cameras, computers, monitors, sound and more.

We have  two HitTrax Simulation systems (see above) in full sized cages with professional automatically fed, programmable pitching machines. The indoor baseball games are played similarly to real baseball. You perform the hitting portion of the game with the same rules as the outdoor game. As soon as the ball is hit the simulator takes over. It calls balls and strikes, performs the base running and defense, displays your exit ball velocity, hit distance, launch angle, and more.

We have  huge viewing screens for you, team members and spectators to watch your hits on any of over 26 accurately scaled MLB Stadiums, 1 International statidum and screens for team mates and spectators to watch as well.

You will see your where your hits go, your exit ball velocity, hit distance, launch angle and more. 

Hit Trax League:

New HitTrax hitting league starting in January. 6 weeks, DH every week, games on Fri nights, Sat PM and Sundays. 4 man teams. Ages U12-U18. Cost is $300/team.

​Signups opening on Sunday, December 18.

6 & 7 Innings per game
25 mins/Game
4-6 Players per team
Play Weekly Double Header Games
Home team chooses Stadium